What Students Say About Grady
Grady Carter

Since becoming a Parelli Natural HorseManShip Instructor in 2001, Grady has taught thousands of students. The following are just a few examples of the impact he has had on students and their horses.

In October, I went to New York to work with Grady Carter. This was the second of his clinics I attended this year. One thing I appreciate about Grady is how much he shares his time and energy with his students. He starts the day early and spends virtually every minute with students. I am a teacher and I understand the need to have time away from the class. Somehow Grady manages to go straight through from morning until late at night, answering questions, coaching techniques, clarifying and on and on. He is unfalteringly positive and helpful. He also tells it like it is and is willing to tell students things they don't necessarily want to hear. I appreciate that.
Chris: Wendell, Massachusetts
I wanted to thank Grady for such a wonderfully positive experience this past weekend. I was way outside my comfort zone a lot of the time but I felt safe and very encouraged to dig down deep and give it my best shot. Grady, I woke up this morning thinking about "lead, lift, swing, touch" and naming all the seven games in order and describing them. I was practicing with the carrot stick and visualizing it more as an extension of my arm than a foreign object. I'll keep doing some of the games we did with it to get more coordinated. My "want to" is very strong... and now that I understand the program better, it really is the path I want to follow to attain the relationship I'd like to have with my horses. It's great to know that I have a resource to guide me along on this journey. I'm forever grateful!

 Kathy; Mineral Wells, TX
I wanted to let you know just how great I thought your Level 1 clinic was. I did not have a horse at the clinic so I got to see what was going on ALL the time. What I thought was wonderful about the way you ran the clinic was how you paid attention to each participant. Even the quiet ones off in a corner got your full attention and I could watch the affect that had on them. There are always the outspoken people in any group who get their questions answered, but in your clinic the shy ones didn't even have to ask - you just let them show you their progress and you were then able to help them when they needed it. They thrived - you could see them getting more and more confidant with their horses. Everyone benefited by your clinic - it was hard to imagine just 2 days making the change I saw in every person. They seemed comfortable and certainly liked the horses they were with much more than when they came in. Instead of "problem horses" they now had horses they were proud of - horses they could see the path to having a better and better relationship with. It was inspiring!
Pat Stapleton; Jamesport, NY
Thanks again for coming to New York and for being such a great teacher! Your wisdom and knowledge is invaluable to us. I only wish you didn't live so far away. I am looking forward to your next visit and hope it's not too far in the distant future.

I feel like a whole new door has opened for me in my pursuit of excellence with my horses and I thank you for motivating me to become the best that I can be. I am anxious to start working on my Level 2 assessment video and getting your feedback.

I really appreciate your help and thanks again for coming all the way to Long Island to teach us!

Maren; Long Island, NY
I attended a Parelli level 2 clinic this past week given by Dr Grady Carter. Grady did a fabulous job! He was interesting and funny and right on with how to communicate what the horse and rider were both feeling and how the rider could adjust their way of communicating with their horse. He also told us many little tidbits that no one knew! I love your (Parelli) instructors!

Maureen; Long Island, NY
I am working on level 2 and just finished an Impulsion clinic with Dr. Carter. He is a wealth of information and just seems to enjoy sharing it. We had numerous insightful lunch time discussions.

I took a semi-private lesson to see what we would pass. Well, Beau and I have lots to work on but Grady has left me with a clear picture of what I need to do to be a better communicator. The last two days have shown an improvement in my communication which is proved by Beau's progress.

I do hope that Dr. Carter will return to Long Island and BJ Farms in the near future.

Laurene Rose; Long Island, NY
My name is Lynda (last name withheld) and I recently did a level 1 clinic here in N.Y. with Dr. Grady Carter, I have spent 25 years in the racing industry, I have been a broodmare manager, stallion groom, and was an exercise rider for Bill Mott, we had the great "Cigar"...and a racing stable full of grade 1 winner's, what more could I possibly learn? I was very happy with my relationship with my horses.

 Now, The Clinic. All I can say is it must have been divine intervention that this clinic came my way, I almost backed out a few times thinking "I can't learn anything there" THANK YOU GOD for putting me in the right place at the right time, because I have begun my journey. Grady said it was very important to go outside your comfort zone very hard for me at first, but I did it, Grady is a WONDERFUL teacher, he is a patient genuine natural horseman, like I said, my journey has just begun and I am looking forward to my next clinic
Lynda; Long Island, NY
Hi my name is Alison (last name withheld). I was the host for our first Grady Carter clinic on Long Island NY. I have attended 2 other Parelli clinics before. Those 2 were not of the same caliber as this clinic.

 Dr. Carter is an exceptional instructor. Both clinics were presented in a clear & organized way. His explanations were easily understood. He spent all day including lunch & dinner to help answer questions for everyone. He is very passionate about teaching & helping others learn.

 He helped me become a better leader for my horse. I have already been able to use what I have learned. I will continue to progress because he taught me that being particular is an important key. I learned so much in 4 days.

 We can't wait to start planning the next clinic.

 Alison; Long Island, NY
Just a note to thank you for the great lesson. Grady, I loved your demonstration on your horse at the end. Absolutely awesome!!! Thank you for letting me see some of the wonderful things you can do with your mare. How exciting it will be to learn how to do this someday. I'm sure I will be able to come again, but will be diligent to "play" with the valuable input I have received today. God bless you !

Patty; Texas
 Hello Neal (Pye, Director of Parelli Professional Program),
I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of a recent PNH clinic in which I participated. Grady Carter taught a 3 day Level 2 clinic in New York state June 8-10. I took 2 days off from work and trailered 3 hours by myself (a big milestone for me). The clinic was worth every bit of effort I put in to be there.

Grady is very straight forward. He provided very clear information and gave of himself 100% during the 3 days. I was just reading over my notes and I am totally pleased with how much information I have been able to integrate during play with my horses, as well as in my non-horse work teaching children).
Grady managed to give individual help to everyone during every exercise. He spread his attention fairly and really met each student where he or she was at the moment. I had a very difficult time with a particular exercise. Grady took the time to talk to me privately about what approach would work better for me. I was able to get over the difficulty and leave the session on a successful note. I left the clinic full of excitement and new ideas. Over the past several weeks, I have been able to use so many of the things I learned from Grady. I hope to have the opportunity to participate in future clinics with Grady and will recommend him highly to others. Thank you for your work in developing high quality PNH instructors like Grady Carter.

Chris; Level 2 PNH student from Massachusetts
Grady I want to thank you for all your help-I'm better able to read my horses attitude and pick up on the subtle signs they send. I've been going over my notes and sharing them with friends. We had Tom and Luminous out this week on a long trail ride and both crossed the creek with no problems. Guess they are both becoming more confident(as I am too!). I have 2 little girls coming to visit this weekend and can't wait to show them some of the things we do. Each day I spend with my horses is special and it's wonderful to be able to better read their language-thanks again!

Jane; Windham, NY
Dear Grady,

I want to say that my horse, Giddeon, thanks you for trying to train his human. Today I used my body to ride and he was thankful for it. I look forward to seeing you soon. Please come up again in the fall!!!

Emmanuelle; New York
Hi Neil (Pye, Director of Parelli Professionals Program),

I wanted you and all the other folks at Parelli to know what a fabulous instructor Dr. Grady Carter is! I think that this was the finest clinic that I've ever attended. I've been out to Colorado and to several Parelli clinics. I also have attended many non-Parelli clinics over the years as well. Dr. Carter has the ability to really connect with his participants. He seems to know what is going on everywhere and still give individual attention. As you are so well aware, I'm sure, this horsemanship journey is a very challenging one that pushes our emotional buttons. I personally had an emotional Epiphany on Saturday. As I drifted in and out of an introverted and catatonic state, he was able to get through to me and I still learned a lot. I was lucky enough to have private lessons as well. Grady was able to up his phases and politely get my attention when I went inside and wasn't completely attentive. I was really impressed with that! I watched him instruct others in a similar manner. He was able to help us through what could have been a dangerous situation, with clear and simple direction. Also, a clear demonstration of how our horses feel....when done politely, one does not feel offended...just taught! I also really appreciate the way that he gives lessons. It is so easy to become distracted by so many things in a clinic. Grady would lead us through gently and clearly. As he gave his demonstration he would say things like "see where my hand is". This is such a simple thing and yet so many instructors don't do it. It really helps me to learn, having things repeated clearly, several times during the steps of demonstration. It takes a well trained and insightful instructor to leave each participant feeling great and really nurtured. Everyone seemed to come away having grown quite a bit and all were very happy.
Dr Grady Carter and his marvelous wife Devvy are what Parelli is all about...great people who love horses...a team that we can all feel part of and very proud to be a member of!

Barb; New York, NY
Dear Pat,

Last weekend, I attended a Level 1 Beginning Class. I have a 6 year old paint mare and have not yet established my role as the leader (but I'm getting there.) I have attended several clinics, including a Parelli weekend several years ago and have continued to learn about natural horsemanship through you and others in your profession. Thank you for all you have done for all of us who love horses.

I am writing today simply to tell you that Dr. Grady Carter is a tremendous asset to your program. He and Devvy did a superb, professional job with those of us in his class this weekend and I wanted you to know what a great addition he is to your program. Grady is passionate about what he does. He is articulate and intelligent and he has a style that is truly a talent and a gift. He was particular and persistent with us as we struggled with our clumsiness and fears. He encouraged and gave us confidence when we faltered. His knowledge is impressive. His patience is incredible. His love of horses is apparent and intense. Because of him, I feel empowered to push myself beyond my comfort level. Even if I didn't own a horse, I would have benefited from spending this time with Grady and Devvy.

One of the many things that stood out to me this weekend and I think You should know is that Grady has tremendous respect for you. He never Spoke as though he had come up with these ideas. He always gave you credit. "Pat says...." was something I heard repeatedly. It takes a big man to do That and not take credit for the words. He believes in you and he believes In your program and he shared his passion with his students. I believe You are fortunate to have Grady in your camp.
Bev; Corinth, TX
Grady: Thank you for all you're doing to teach me. I really appreciate how patient you are and how consistent and persistent you are about insisting I get the details that will make me more effective with my horse. I think I was able to see what you're getting at a lot better this time--especially when I was getting on her from the mounting block. I get frustrated with myself when I know you're right but I just can't see it. It drives me crazy. I know I can't change it if I don't see it. I respect and appreciate your knowledge and experience and I trust the things you tell me. I know if I could do and see and feel the way you're encouraging me to, I'll really develop as a horse person. I'm excited about going forward with Dolly and you have given me the confidence to do that. I trust you that you can help me with her. I appreciate, too, your spiritual appreciation of horses. That brief conversation we had at the beginning meant a lot to me. Not everyone understands or appreciates the spirituality of those wonderful creatures God has given us who can teach us so much.

Thank you for all you do and for your patience. I trust and respect you and want to learn all you can teach me. Thanks, Grady.

Rachel; Missouri
 Hi Grady,

We got home in great shape last Thursday, but I had to write and just let you know how much we appreciate all the help and encouragement we received while we were there (Rafter C Ranch, Denton, TX).

My Circling Game has improved tremendously with the great pointers Grady gave me. I have dressed my rope and played with it a few times, driven Poco twice - I put out two PVC pipes next to each other lengthwise to make a larger target for him to cross. I needn't have bothered. He needed little or no direction to go right over. I have ridden him twice bareback to practice the Direct-Indirect. The new driving and circling techniques are really fun and a nice quiet activity to do.

Thank you so much. Grady, the way you handled our lessons was the perfect way to build confidence for me and understanding for both Jim and me.

We'll see you again soon,

Meli and Jim; Mounds, OK

Please, Please Please when Grady has an opening on the weekends keep me in mind for a lesson. I feel very secure and confident with Grady. The differentiator with Grady is his style. I have used this word before to describe you and Grady in helping me thru this educational process and I call it "shepherding". For me, it is all about feeling confident in moving forward with a knowledge base.

Judy☺ ; Southlake, TX
Grady and Devvy,
Thanks for your lovely hospitality during the clinic on Saturday and Sunday. It was great to see you again.

Grady, I want you to know -- and I think you already are aware of it -- that this past weekend was a very special time for me. I have struggled with trust issues all my life, and you allowed me to process my feelings while guiding me toward the awareness I need to really resolve some issues that have been holding me back in life. You know yourself, this work is not just about horses, it's about all of life.

I know now why I have always been drawn to horses. While I didn't have the opportunity to interact with horses until I was 46 years old and bought my first horse, Copper, I had imaginary horses and I drew horses on everything as a child. I see now that I was drawing pictures of my highest and most important non-human teachers, and I was drawing them into my life because I needed them to heal so many spiritual wounds. They show me what I need to fix to make myself better, not just with horses, but with my whole world.

I can't remember why I got interested in the Parelli work, but after this work appeared in my life, everything changed. It was all leading me forward and upward. This past weekend was like that big log at the top of the jump you told us about. I made an emotional breakthrough I can barely describe. I'm finding myself stopping to think before I respond or react, looking at the other person and considering how much energy I should use with humans as well as with horses.

Your firm, yet kind and very loving guidance was exactly what I needed to recognize where I have allowed limitations to form around me. You led me to the top of that scary hill and showed me where to look to find the way to trust myself enough to trust my horse. That is something I have yet to totally fulfill, but I know what to focus on now. I promise to keep looking where I am going, paying attention to which phase I need to engage. I can't wait for the next time I'm around you so you can remind me.

Teachers were always very important to me, Grady, and I value them very much. You are one of the most sensitive and effective teachers I've had the pleasure to meet. In my opinion, you are a Thousand-Star instructor. Thank you for caring enough to challenge me.

With warm regards and deep gratitude,

Debby; Dallas, TX
Thank you, Dr. Carter for the wonderful weekend. We learned so much and are very excited to get back out with our horses, meet with our 4-H project Friday and apply those principles and techniques.

I appreciate Dr. Carter's committment to excellence and integrity when he's leading clinics and certifying people. You're making a difference in our lives and inspiring and equipping us to be better people. Thank you.

Cherie'; Bohnam, TX
I sure had a great time yesterday, and as always it is great to see what happens when everything falls into place. I can't even start to describe how wonderful the lesson was for me. All of Grady's teaching is sure paying off ☺

Florence; Dallas,TX

Thanks for the great lesson on Friday! I learned so much. One of my favorite things about Grady is that he notices when my attention is straying and brings me back to the subject. I really appreciate that. Grady, you are a highly effective teacher and you obviously work very hard to give everyone as much information and improvement as you can. I don't want a teacher that coddles me or tries to feed my ego - I want one that makes me pay attention and do the work! Kudos to you!

Saturday night we went to see Bob Dylan, and I spent the entire concert thinking about Copper and reciting the 7 games in order in my head, to the beat of the music.

Then today I went riding out on our trails using the one rein. Amazing! Copper responded like she never has before. I showed my riding pals the three rein positions, which they tried. They were amazed they could move their horses' hind quarters. Copper was definitely having fun and I could almost hear her saying, gee, whiz, after 10 years it's about time you learned how to ride. One thing I noticed is how I had to really pay attention, watch the trails ahead and how they were turning, so I would know which side the rein should be on. Thanks again for the great session!
Debby; Dallas, TX
Just wanted to drop you a line. First you should know that your a great influence in my life. A super instructor and a good friend --- the order is not important. I do know the last two days have been very worth while, a feeling of grateful, accomplishment, able to believe in myself, and knowing I have someone like you on my side, in my corner. This includes your wife (Devvy) and so please tell her for me.

Thank You
Mike; Erie, PA

Thank you so much for the excellent training Pat and I received yesterday. I learned so much that my head is swimming and I just want to be out there playing with Candy Roe today. I can't wait to get off work and head to the barn.

I feel I was able to make big improvements in my body language that will help Candy feel more at ease. Both my mares were very docile and got more aggressive after I bought them. I knew that meant I needed to change something I was doing, and probably that I was being too much of the predator, because I'm such a take-charge, get it done, kind of person. But until you showed us such subtle changes as using the carrot stick in the inside hand instead of the request hand, and standing with my body at a more polite angle, I had no clue what to do differently.

As soon as time and finances permit, I will be back on your doorstep with a softer, more confident Rocky Mountain mare, and we will learn how to "load her heart." And before long, she and I will be riding those trails with relaxed confidence. Taking a semi-private class with you was well worth your very reasonable fee.

I also owe a huge "gracias" to Devvy for all the great notes she took during our class. She is an awesome partner for you in your business, and it's obvious that you appreciate that. You two make a great team.
Thanks again, and I will see you very soon! Sa---vvy!!!!!!

Debby; Dallas, TX
Grady, I don't think you know how much I enjoyed the time we had together. Having been to the tour, savvy conf., and a clinic, I feel I was exposed, somewhat, to the mechanics of the system. Through you, I've now been exposed to what I feel is the physcology of it, with a good dose of refinement. Your ability to reach into the depth of my understanding, or lack of, amazed me.
Rob; Lufkin, TX
Hi guys, I am Still buzzin' with excitement from the lesson last night. And when those little revelations come it's even that much better, even tho ya can't explain to anyone who hasn't already been down that particular path before.

I'm sitting here today at this corporate desk with a computer in front of me, and I'm thinking about how cool it was when I began to figure out how to let Prince go straight! I'm already looking forward to our next session!
Mike; Dallas, TX
Dear Mr. Neal (Pye, Director of Parelli Professionals Program),

 My name is Jacob (last name withheld), I am seventeen years old and I live in Alabama and have been going through PNH Level 1 for the last few months now. I have been coaching on the phone with instructor Dr. Grady Carter from Texas since I started and I just love him. He is such a blessing. He has so unselfishly gave up hrs of his time to help me! He has such a fabulous, unexplainable way of explaining things. While we are talking he always repeats what I say and makes sure he understands what I am asking him. When I have a problem he not only explains that to me but I learn 10 new things. I feel so refreshed and encouraged when I hang up. Talking to him is like getting a bath of savvy.

If someone wants to get through the horsemanship Journey at a faster pace Dr.Grady is definitely the one to call. I would have dropped out if it had not been for Dr.Grady. He has been such an inspiration.  Jacob; Alabama
Dear Doc & Devvy,
Y'all have a special place in my heart and are mentioned in my prayers. I hope that everyone in Parelli stays grounded and never forgets where they came from, like Doc and Devvy Carter. It's a big deal for a blue collar country boy even to shake hands with a doctor, but when the doc treats you with the same kind of respect and admiration that you give him, well can't ever describe what kind of impact that makes on someone who has always felt he had to over accommodate and compensate in order to be accepted. I grow more thankful day by day that I found Dr. Carter and Parelli. I utilize the attitude, knowledge, tools, techniques, time and imagination in all interactions with my horse. I can do this!

Marty; Hugo OK
The effort that both Devvy and Grady put into making this clinic a meaningful educational experience really pays off. This Level 1 information is critical -- like safety information -- that cannot be misrepresented or taught in a confusing manner. Grady successfully delivers.
Ed; Gilmer TX
This Level 1 clinic helped me work out several issues with my horse, and has given me a much greater understanding of her and myself.
Holly; Wichita Falls TX
I enjoyed Dr Grady Carter's style, patience and understanding of people to lead them to confidence and education.
Joyce; Calverton NY
Grady, I like your teaching style. I see pieces of your teaching that I do with my students and hope they feel as respected and wanted as I did learning with you. I enjoy teaching and I enjoy watching my students grow. I can see you do too! Thank you and you deserve two scoops of ice cream with hot fudge, sprinkles and whipped cream!
Jeannean; Ridge NY
This clinic (Level 2 Impulsion Clinic) was absolutely wonderful. I learned so much and felt very encouraged by all the kind things Grady said to me. He clarified a lot of the little mistakes I was making and gave me lots of pointers on how to do things more effectively without even making me feel inadequate. I wish Grady and Devvy lived closer so I could visit them on a regular basis. I feel like I grew exponentially from attending this clinic. I really enjoyed the fact that Grady made it a point to share his knowledge with us during his free time, and encouraged us to have lunch and dinner together. I can't wait for them both to come back to Long Island again!
Maren; Manorville NY
On a scale of 1 to 10, Grady is a 100++++ !!!
Alison; Ridge NY