Video Assessment
  1. How do you know where you are going without a roadmap? In order for me to assess your skill, you need to know what skills I will be assessing. Go to the Parelli website and download the assessment criteria appropriate for you.

  2. Practice. Practice. Practice.

  3. Once you feel like you are ready, shoot the video. Have a person video you going through the test doing the tasks in order as they appear on the assessment. Make sure the video is filmed close enough to see what is happening. It is OK if it is filmed in more than one session.

  4. Label everything...
    • The video with your name, address, and phone number
    • The assessment form with your name and horse's name
    • A numbered checklist of the tasks in order as they appear on the video, even if you are resubmitting a few tasks.

  5. Include a check payable to Dr. Grady Carter for $7.00 x the number of tasks you are submitting.

  6. Mail your video, checklist of the tasks that are on the video, assessment form, check, and a self addressed postage paid envelope suitable for returning the video and assessment. Send the package to:
    Dr. Grady Carter
    15570 US Hwy 380 W
    Krum, TX 76249

  7. Be patient. I will assess the video as timely as possible. I will call you with the results and mail the video and assessment back to you. If you need to resubmit any tasks, repeat the above steps. Be sure you send me a copy of your original assessment with the resubmitted tasks.

  8. When you pass, I will notify the corporate office and they will send you an awards packet with a pin, a certificate, and a savvy string.
Any questions?
Any questions?